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Broken :iconpokemeister01:Pokemeister01 1 3
your world shatters
and you're left
picking up the pieces.
you don't want to go on at all.
your heart is ripped out of your chest
and your soul begins to fall.
But no matter how many crystal tears you shed
or how hard you sob,
no matter how far you run
the world will never stop.
The people still walk and don't feel a thing
not caring about what is past.
The earth still turns and the sky doesn't burn
and the crickets still chirp in the grass.
When you feel so much pain you're never the same,
you yell and you scream and you curse.
You wonder why when they've gone and died
the world isn't feeling much worse.
You only see red when a loved on is dead
and you don't care about a thing.
You're broken and hollow and you just want to wallow
in misery and death and despair.
But you should know it doesn't work-
you don't get anywhere.
So you have to move on
It shouldn't feel wrong
To remember but not obsess.
You know they would want
you to take it in stride
and to mak
:iconpokemeister01:Pokemeister01 3 12
Come in from the rain,
Cast off all your pain,
Please come inside,
Out there is insane.
We here are all flawless,
Out there it is lawless.
Come in to safety,
Come in to solace.
For this is the Haven
The thing you’ve been craving
Yes, this is a place
That you can feel safe in.
Here there is unity
One perfect community
And this is your chance,
Your one opportunity.
Cast off your demon
And step into Eden
You only give up one thing:
your freedom.
:iconpokemeister01:Pokemeister01 1 3
The notes-
Empty, crystal
Shimmering in the air
Slowly shatter
And release their rainbow treasure
Like raindrops
They fall shimmering
Until they hit
They are iridescent,
The purity of ice.
They are feathers,
Touching me,
Sending fire through my bones,
And shivers down my spine.
They bring my tears-
Of joy,
           Joy and anguish
Tangled, inseparable
I feel as if I’m
With the rain
Rain of crystal notes
The potential to bring one thing-
Or salvation
To the world.
The notes surround me,
Surround me as I watch,
Watch the world-
Does it burn,
Or does it heal,
Or is it both?
It always was.
The duality-
The darkest blacks
And the purest whites,
All the grays in between-
Such is our existence,
Always changing,
Unwilling to accept,
We will always be the same.
We live our lives-
A flash,
A bang,
Then gone,
Leaving others to flash away.
:iconpokemeister01:Pokemeister01 3 6
Blaring, screaming,
a orchestra of chaos-
roaring, beautiful melodies,
an inferno of noise.
The throbbing bass,
ruling my existence,
to the outsider
a whisper in the breeze.
The world goes by,
a combination of blaring sound
and visual silence,
no sound but my own.
The people talk,
they yell, they shout-
I hear none,
just a comical pantomime.
The music- it moves me,
it sings and goes through me,
and nothing matters
but the sound.
:iconpokemeister01:Pokemeister01 4 12
Wedge and Biggs by Pokemeister01 Wedge and Biggs :iconpokemeister01:Pokemeister01 0 10 Sora vs. Luxord by Pokemeister01 Sora vs. Luxord :iconpokemeister01:Pokemeister01 10 8 Xelfix's sword by Pokemeister01 Xelfix's sword :iconpokemeister01:Pokemeister01 0 0
The story of Felix- Chapter 1
"Hey Felix, wake up!"
I opened my eyes and looked around. Kato was leaning over me and checking my vitals. I could see Yurino sittng on a stump a few feet away. I sat up. "What happened?"
Kato laughed. "You got your butt whooped by some heartless. We had a bet to see if you were dead."
Yurino glanced up from cleaning her katanas. "I told you," she said drily.
I got up and dusted myself off. "I am so glad that I have such nice friends. Always concerned with my health and stuff." I put my bladebow over my shoulder.
Yurino got up and sheathed her katanas. "Don't mention it. Let's get back to town."
Kato grinned again. "Yeah, Soryu's been too long without seeing my wonderful face."
"You do realize we've only been gone for about half an hour, right?" I asked.
"Exactly," he replied. "He's probably going through withdrawal by now."
Yurino rolled her eyes. "Boys."
Kato, Yurino, and I walked along the b
:iconpokemeister01:Pokemeister01 1 5
Sera by Pokemeister01 Sera :iconpokemeister01:Pokemeister01 1 0

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